The City of Royal


Just about any season of the year is the right time to visit the Royal Slope area of Grant County, Washington! We have 139 lakes to choose from and numerous beaches that offer a full range of water activities for those who seek adventure and recreation. We also have great resorts to add to your ongoing pleasures.

The Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, which attracts large numbers of ducks and geese, averages over 100,000 species during the winter seasons, including more than 200 other species of birds, such as songbirds, curlews, hawks, owls, great blue heron, sandhill cranes and tundra swans.


Visitors with an interest in agriculture will enjoy the wide variety of crops grown in our area. Grant County farmers produce winter and spring wheat, potatoes and hay, along with corn, asparagus, onions, grapes, spearmint and peppermint and the list goes on.

Whether you’re seeking the ideal vacation for the entire family, contemplating a better way of life or considering opening or relocating a business you will find the Royal Slope area of Grant County meets or exceeds your expectations. Click on the links below for more local information.


We are proud to offer a great local education system. Our high school alone has earned many titles in league and state championships! Royal School District

Royal Slope

Summer Fest

Our local region continues to attract visitors and businesses alike with such great views from the top of many mountainous terrains. From here you can visualize the many different agricultural landscapes and lakes that blend in like a puzzle with the different colors of crops and the variety of shapes of the farm ground. The people here are like your best friend, living next door…always lending a hand or inviting you to a local event.

SummerFest is a fun event that is held on the second weekend in July each year. There is something for everyone!
Opportunity awaits and we are always looking to extend our resources to help you get started. Come visit us today!

Local Housing Opportunities

We offer a variety of locations for you and your family to live, work and play. The following locations offer new lots with fantastic views of the water and gorgeous landscapes with plenty of amenities for you to choose from.
Royal City Golf Course offers golf 360 days year around. They also have RV sites available with full hook ups.

The Potholes Golf Course, just a few minutes away, has planned a future development of 219 new home sites, 400+ RV lots, 9 additional holes of golf, a clubhouse, condo and restaurant. They plan to create a self-sustaining “village” concept.

Another housing development in the same area is called Curlew Crest Estates. The property currently offers 38 lots and is located on a hillside with a fantastic view of O’Sullivan Dam Reservoir.